Fly Nova Mini PRO™

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The new trend in 2020! The Fly Nova Mini PRO™ is an amazing flying spinner with a hidden ingenious mechanism that makes the Fly Nova Mini PRO™ be able to do very cool stunts in the air. The new era of toys has arrived.


It's very simple to become an absolute master in a few minutes and to perform the coolest stunts. The Fly Nova Mini PRO™ can fly just about anywhere and is the ultimate boredom remedy! Designed with an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip, the possibilities are therefore endless!


Throw the Fly Nova Mini PRO™ like a boomerang, let it fly above you, or let it fly across the room to a friend, the Fly Nova Mini PRO™ will blow your mind!


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The Fly Nova Mini PRO™ is packed with amazing features, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.


  • Simple, pleasant, safe design: The closed aerodynamics of the mechanism protect your hands while flying and performing stunts. The UFO style Fly Nova Mini PRO™ spinner is designed to be fun and safe.


  • Sparkling RGB lights and rechargeable: It only takes 15 minutes before the Fly Nova Mini PRO™ is fully charged again via the supplied USB cable. The Fly Nova Mini PRO™ is beautiful at night and during the day due to the LED RGB lights.


  • Easy to use: Press the power button, hold the Fly Nova Mini PRO™ in the center, and shake to activate. When you want to stop playing, simply grab it. Different throw speeds and angles provide various stunts.


  • Enjoyable and interactive: With endless stunts, you can easily play together, and maybe even make it a friendly competition. The Fly Nova Mini PRO™ is the perfect way to relax and get rid of stress in any location.


  • The perfect gift: The Fly Nova Mini PRO™ is the perfect gift for your child, friends, or colleagues. Order yours now and spread the pleasure!